As a division of Palintest Ltd, a Halma plc company, the Wagtech Water Technology Division (WTD) are specialist manufactures and global suppliers of laboratory and field testing instruments for use in Water Quality Testing.

Palintest’s headquarters are located in the United Kingdom, with regional offices and official agents serving customers in over 100 countries worldwide. The company prides itself on the development of long term sustainable business partnerships, providing clients with ongoing technical support, training and specification development.

Wagtech Water Technology Division (formerly known as Wagtech International Ltd) are the worlds leading supplier of water testing equipment to the United Nations and development community. Major customers include UNICEF, WHO, UNESCO, UNDP, FAO and UNHCR. We hold long term agreements with UNICEF and our kits are in widespread use all over the world. From 2011 onwards, with the support of Palintest, and bing part of the Halma plc group of companies, Wagtech WTD will be improving the entire suite of Wagtech products, increasing its distribution network, and adding to the range of products by combining its research and development with the parent company and global market leaders for water quality monitoring technology, Palintest Ltd.

Water Test Kits: Physicochemical and microbiological testing

With a focus on environmental sciences, Wagtech manufacture a wide range of portable water testing equipment for testing potable water, groundwater through soil analysis, industrial effluent and wastewater. Wagtech's water test kits provide highly accurate in-situ analysis of microbiological and physico-chemical water quality parameters.

The range of Wagtech water test kits provide users with the option for a bespoke design based on their unique requirements. The more advanced water quality testing kits such as the Potalab, enable tests to be carried out on both physicochemical and microbiological parameters, they are designed for long term monitoring and the instruments are of an accuracy comparable to fixed site laboratory tests. The Potalab includes a Photometer for measuring up to 40 different chemical parameters, the Wagtech Arsenator; a world leading portable digital arsenic testing device, Turbidity meter, pH/Temp/mV meter, and a Conductivity/TDS meter. The Potalab is the water test kit of choice for UN organizations such as UNICEF and UNDP. For more information, visit the Potalab product page.

At the other end of the range, Wagtech manufacture smaller water test kits that are designed for ultimate water quality testing mobility. The Potalite is a combined physicochemical and microbiological water quality test kit that is uniquely supplied within a customised backpack. The lightweight kit is specifically designed for NGOs and village technicians operating in difficult remote terrains, where vehicle access is not always an option and on-site analysis is essential. The backpack contains a removable physicochemical test kit, the Water Safety Kit. This features digital pocket meters for testing pH and Conductivity, a Thermometer, two-part turbidity tube, and a colour comparator with discs and reagents for 100 tests of Free and Total Chlorine, with the option of also testing for Aluminium, Ammonia, Copper, Fluoride, Iron, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Phosphate. For more information, visit the Potalite product page.

Wagtech became market leaders when they introduced the Arsenator, a field based digital arsenic testing device capable of detecting arsenic down to ppb levels. The Arsenator reduces the significant costs, both in time and monetarily, of analytical laboratory testing. The product has been proven to be reliable and effective (click here for report) and is now widely regarded as the most effective way of measuring arsenic in the field.

All Wagtech's kits conform to accuracy standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Wagtech are suppliers to many UN organisations and major NGOs in the aid sector.

Multi Disciplinary Projects and Tenders

In addition to direct water testing product lines, the company carries out multi-disciplinary project work, supplying clients with a wide range of scientific testing equipment across the agricultural, health, education, mining and construction industries. The projects division works solely on large scale competitive tenders released by the European Union, World Bank and similar donors. Primarily involved in the supply of vocational equipment, Wagtech Projects Division provides a complete turnkey service.

Installation, Commissioning and Training

Wagtech supply training to all parts of the world. Installation, commissioning and training is available post-sales on all products supplied whether through routine sales or dedicated project work. Training programs typically involve a combination of lab based demonstrations, workshops and field based demonstrations. For more information, please visit the Training and Support page.