Arsenator®: Digital Arsenic Test Kit

Product code: WAG-WE10500

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The Wagtech Arsenator® system is the lowest cost, most portable and accurate method for determining Arsenic in safe limits (WHO guide-lines 10 ppb/µgl).

The first truly digitial Arsenic testing system for portable use, the Arsenator is specified by leading aid agencies, government regulators and professional bodies.

The complete system comes with sufficient reagents and consumables for over 400 tests.

  • Low cost digital arsenic testing device
  • Fully portable, designed specially for field use
  • Immediate results in the field in less than 20 minutes
  • Simple, safe and easy to operate
  • Gives accurate test results between the critical range of 2µgl (ppb) to 100µgl (ppb)
  • Designed in conjunction with Prof. Walter Kosmus and laboratory tested by Imperial College London
  • Field tested in conjunction with UNICEF/WHO WAT/SAN monitoring programmes
  • Environmentally friendly
Existing and new users of the Arsenator can purchase consumables, new kits and receive technical support from Palintest.


Product Accessories


Refill pack contains sufficient filter holders and tablets for 200 tests

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