Arsenator®: Digital Arsenic Test Kit

Product code: WAG-WE10500

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The Wagtech Arsenator® system is the lowest cost, most portable and accurate method for determining Arsenic in safe limits (WHO guide-lines 10 ppb/µgl).

The Arsenator has been carefully designed to be simple and safe to use either in the lab or in the field.

The complete system comes with sufficient reagents and consumables for over 400 tests.

  • Low cost digital arsenic testing device
  • Fully portable, designed specially for field use
  • Immediate results in the field in less than 20 minutes
  • Simple, safe and easy to operate
  • Gives accurate test results between the critical range of 2µgl (ppb) to 100µgl (ppb)
  • Designed in conjunction with Prof. Walter Kosmus and laboratory tested by Imperial College London
  • Field tested in conjunction with UNICEF/WHO WAT/SAN monitoring programmes
  • Environmentally friendly


Wagtech Digital Arsenator Kit comprises the following components:

  • Portable Digital Arsenator® System
  • Tri-Filter Arsenic gas trap
  • 5x Arsenic collection filter holders (Black)
  • 5x Arsine gas removal filter holders (Red)
  • 10x Hydrogen Sulphide removal filters
  • 420x Reagent A1 (dry powder sachet)
  • 420x Tablet A2
  • 420x Arsenic collection filters
  • 420x Arsine gas removal filters
  • Colour comparison chart (<10 to 500ppb)
  • Dilution tube
  • Spare battery
  • Waste disposal bags
  • Gloves and tweezers
  • Rugged carry case with Instruction manual
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Product Accessories


Refill pack contains sufficient filter holders and tablets for 200 tests

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Download the Arsenator Brochure


"Bangladesh: Arsenic detecter saving lives"
IRIN News [Online]

"UNICEF Bangladesh using Wagtech Arsenator"
WASH News [Online]

The evaluation of the Arsenator
Dr. Walter Kosmos
Department of Analytical Chemistry, Graz University, Austria

Field Evaluation of the Wagtech Arsenator on Harvard University website
Dr Peter Swash
Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London, UK
Myanmar – October 2003


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Arsenic Testing

Arsenic is an important drinking water contaminant. Drinking water rich in arsenic over a long period leads to arsenic poisoning or arsenicosis. This results in various health effects including skin problems (such as colour changes on the skin, and hard patches on the palms and soles of the feet), skin cancer, cancers of the bladder, kidney and lung, and diseases of the blood vessels of the legs and feet, and possibly also diabetes, high blood pressure and reproductive disorders.

The most effective preventive measure is supply of drinking water low in arsenic concentration. Arsenic exists naturally in the groundwater throughout Asia above levels considered safe for human consumption. The exact impact of arsenic on the rural populations is still unclear. So far, dangerous levels of arsenic have been found in Pakistan, India (West Bengal) Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. There may be many other countries affected, but only through accurate testing will the magnitude of the problem be uncovered.

The worst affected countries are Bangladesh and West Bengal India. It is estimated that there are upwards of 9 million tube-wells supplying households daily drinking water throughout rural Bangladesh. It is also estimated that as many as 25 million people are affected and the problem is so wide-spread that many do not have alternative safe water sources. Clearly there are 100 million people affected in the arsenic prone areas throughout the region.

There are currently over 40,000 diagnosed cases of Arsenicosis in Bangladesh alone and it is thought that less than 10% of Arsenicosis patients demonstrate external symptoms of the disease. Without safe water options for the affected households, it is agreed that these numbers could grow dramatically over the coming years.

It is therefore clear that testing for arsenic throughout the region is key to identifying where the problem exists and more importantly identifying safe sources which are acceptable to those living inarsenic prone areas.

Wagtech International has been engaged in supplying accurate and easy to use arsenic testing equipment to the region for the past several years. Its digital Arsenator system is now recognised as the most reliable and accurate option for field based testing and is in widespread use by organisations such as UNICEF and the WHO Large scale arsenic testing using Wagtech products is actively helping to identify the contaminated sources.

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