Potalite®: Extreme Portability Kit (Physico-Chemical + Microbiological)

Product code: WAG-WE1000

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Ultra-portable, lightweight, kit for the analysis of both microbiological and physico-chemical water quality parameters.

Specially designed for the NGOs and village technicians operating in difficult remote terrains, where vehicle access is not always an option and on-site analysis is essential. Removable Physico-Chemical kit (WSK) for enhanced operational monitoring as advocated by the Water Safety Plan approach. Unique Micro-biological testing capability – Thermo Traveller – a portable, lightweight incubator and battery system based in the backpack. Eliminates the need for a fixed incubator and bulky battery. Measures Total & Faecal Coliforms, pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Free & Total Chlorine as standard.

  • Thermo Traveller Portable Incubator – polymer construction, with a capacity of 20 aluminium petri dishes or 8 Nutri Disks
  • Inserted into Thermo Traveller Docking station fixed into backpack, connected and powered by a lightweight battery control unit
  • Battery control unit re-charged via mains supply or integral solar panel
  • Temperature switchable between 37 and 44ºC, allows incubation of either faecal or total coliforms
  • Supplied with reagents & consumables to carry out 200 micro-biological test


A self-contained, ultra-portable, lightweight, backpack based kit for the analysis of both micro-biological and physico-chemical water quality parameters. Ideal for the water engineer carrying out remote rural monitoring or testing in rough terrain and on the move.

Contains the essential monitoring tools required to address the new Water Safety Plan approach, this is basically a greater emphasis on increased operational monitoring of the control measures in drinking water supply and increased time in the field inspecting water systems.

The kit includes examples of sanitary inspection forms and advice on designing and implementing Water Safety Plans. These are intended to act as a guide and should be adapted and modified to suit local conditions. They allow you to identify hazard events and define critical limits in the field.

The backpack is designed to be lightweight, strong and features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to carry over an extended period of time. The interior of the backpack is compartmentalised and clearly labelled.

There is a removable section, the Water Safety Kit, which contains the physico-chemical monitoring tools. This kit features digital pocket meters for testing pH and Conductivity, a thermometer for temperature measurement, a two part turbidity tube, and a Colour Comparator with discs and reagents for 100 tests of Free & Total Chlorine. The Comparator in the Potalite gives flexibility with regards to the chemical testing options. As an add-on module, there is a chemical test set that contains discs and reagents to allow 100 tests of each of the following common parameters: Aluminium, Ammonia, Copper, Fluoride, Iron, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite and Phosphate. Reagents and discs can also be ordered individually.

The unique Wagtech Arsenic Testing technology is also available as an add-on testing module. Allows 100 tests for Arsenic. In addition, there is a portable rigid work-surface, integral clip board with waterproof cover and designated areas for the storage of S.I. forms and water report sheets.

Whilst the emphasis is placed upon greater physico-chemical monitoring, the Potalite features a unique innovation that also allows Microbiological testing, but in a highly portable, lightweight way, without the need to carry around a bulky incubator and battery.

The integral component of the micro-biological testing equipment is the Thermo Traveller (TT) – in terms of size it is essentially the chamber of a standard portable incubator. However, It is made from a lightweight but extremely durable plastic and accommodates 20 standard sized aluminium petri dishes or 8 Nutri-discs. It is well insulated and offers excellent heat retention properties. The TT features integrated electronics that allow it to be powered via a lightweight, rechargeable battery unit and a portable TT docking station, which sit in insulated pockets of the Potalite backpack.

When the user is ready to start incubation in the field he simply slots the TT into the portable backpack docking station, which is fixed in the backpack. The docking station is then connected to the charged TT battery unit and incubation begins. This offers extreme portability and gives the user of the Potalite the flexibility to start his incubation in the field, if required, and on the move. The backpack also features an integral solar panel. Using the latest flexible materials, the solar panel is wired indirectly to the TT Battery unit, so in hot countries, or anywhere with sufficient sunlight, the TT battery unit is continually re-charged as you go. In favourable conditions it is possible to get a full incubation period of 14 hours from the TT battery unit.

An optional incubator base unit is also available. This comprises an external docking station, into which the TT fits, a 12V rechargeable battery and a mains adapter. This allows the TT to be operated via more traditional power sources upon returning to base.

In order to complete the micro-biological testing capability, the kit is supplied with a membrane filtration apparatus, hand vacuum pump, absorbent pads, filter membranes and media to carry out 200 tests for Coliform bacteria.

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Removable Physico-chemical monitoring kit, Water Safety Kit (WSK) containing:

  • Separate waterproof digital pocket meters to measure pH and conductivity
  • Colour Comparator with disc and reagents for 100 tests of Chlorine
  • Two part turbidity tube
  • Sanitary Inspection forms/Water Quality report sheets
  • Supplied with Monitoring Tools – advice on Water Safety Plan design and implementation
  • Comprehensive but simple to use operation manuals for all instruments
  • All housed in ergonomically designed, lightweight backpack
  • Optional chemical testing module – discs and reagents for testing Ammonia, Aluminium, Copper, Fluoride, Iron, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite and Phosphate
  • Optional Base Unit – comprises external docking station, rechargeable 12V battery, and mains adapter. For Thermo Traveller portable incubator to be operated via alternative power source.
  • Optional add-on Arsenic testing module – enough for 100 tests
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