Potatest®: Emergency Rapid Response Kit (Physico-Chemical + Microbiological)

Product code: WAG-WE10005

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Lightweight, low cost emergency water test kit

Widely used by the humanitarian organisations involved in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, large scale emergencies or refugee camps, where simple, low-cost, rapid response testing of the basic water quality parameters is essential to determine the safety of the water supply.

Total & Faecal Coliforms/pH/Turbidity/Free Chlorine Residual.

  • For the combined testing of microbiological and physico-chemical water quality parameters
  • Single incubator, lightweight polymer construction, with a capacity of 18 petri dishes
  • Temperature switchable between 37 and 44ºC, allows incubation of either faecal or total coliforms
  • Fully portable – can be powered via external rechargeable battery, AC mains operation, DC operation via vehicle lighter socket or even solar power
  • Separate instruments to measure pH and Chlorine
  • Highly accurate, waterproof, digital pocket meter for pH
  • Colour Comparator with disc and reagents for 250 tests of free and total Chlorine
  • Flexible chemical testing options – comparator allows further testing of over 30 chemical parameters if required
  • Special pricing available for NGOs/Aid Agencies
  • Uses, long-life, low-cost reagents and consumables available locally through Wagtech in-country representatives
  • Supplied with reagents & consumables to carry out 200 micro-biological tests
  • Comprehensive but simple to use operation manuals for all instruments
  • All components housed in a single, lockable, water-proof plastic carry case


Microbiological Testing is carried out by using a Single Incubator for the analysis of Faecal and Total Coliforms (switchable 44ºC & 37ºC, accuracy 0.5 deg C). Temperature measurement is with a spirit thermometer. 18 re-useable Aluminium Petri Dishes are supplied as standard. 12v DC power supply to incubator is via an integral 230v AC mains adapter/battery charger, plus electrical lead for 12v DC operation via vehicle dash-board cigarette lighter, and crocodile lead for use with rechargeable battery. Includes specially designed incubator calibration kit.

The Membrane Filtration Unit is supplied complete with Collection Flask, Sampling Cup and Land Line plus Bronze Disc, Gaskets and O-Rings, and a Vacuum Pump. 200 Pads and Membranes are also supplied as standard with a Pad Dispenser, 38.1g Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth for 200 Bacteriological Tests (Faecal and Total Coliforms), 5 no Media Measuring Device (MMD) for the accurate measurement of dried media required for 10 tests. Tweezers, 5 Dropping Pipettes, 2 Plastic Bottles, Hand Lens, Pen, and a tube of Lubrication Grease.

Physico-Chemical Testing is carried out by using a Pocket pH Meter, and a 3-part Turbidity Tube for measuring over the range 5-500JTU. The Potatest also includes a Colour Comparator (capable of analysing over 20 different parameters) with Colour Discs and Reagents for 250 Tests of Chlorine (Free, Total & Combined). Other tests are available upon request.

All the above are housed in a rigid and fully lockable robust Carrying Case and supplied complete with full operating instructions and Water Quality Report Sheets and a small Carry Sack for handling consumables in the field

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Frequently asked questions

1. I want to carry out tests for both total and faecal coliforms? Can this be done with the Potatest?
Answer: Yes, unlike some other single channel incubators that are available, the Potatest incubator is instantly switchable between the temperatures of 37˚C and 44˚C.

2. I currently have another brand water testing kit but have found the combined pool & pH tester it contains to be a little inaccurate? Is the Potatest any better?
Answer: The Potatest uses separate instruments to measure pH & Chlorine. There is a digital pH meter and Chlorine is measured using a more accurate colour comparator system, the kit is supplied with reagents (for 250 tests) to test for free and total chlorine as standard.

3. In addition to chlorine, I wish to test for a number of different chemical parameters, such as copper and iron, can I do this using the Potatest?
Answer: Yes, by using the colour comparator system additional chemical parameters of local significance such as, ammonia, nitrates, fluorides etc can be measured. To do this simply requires the purchase of the corresponding reagents & colour discs.

4. If I run out of the reagents and consumables for the Potatest how easily can I obtain replacements?
Answer: Wagtech has a well established network of regional offices, dealers and agents across the world and they all stock reagents and consumables necessary for the kits. Replacements can be obtained quickly and cheaply, in-country, without the need to revert back to the head-office in the UK.

5. I work for a UK based NGO running a number of water related projects in Cambodia. I have a limited budget and I wish to purchase a portable water quality test kit.
Answer: The Wagtech Potatest is available at special pricing to Non-Governmental Organisations. It really is the cheapest resource available and ideal for rapid response type testing or simple monitoring of basic Physical, Chemical & Microbiological Parameters.

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